Janine Bebbington

Janine makes films for local production company, Gorgeous Media.  Prior to that, she spent a decade teaching Film and Television Production at Lancaster and Morecambe College.  Over the years, she's done a bit of fine acting  here and there and has designed sound for theatre productions, but she keeps getting drawn back to  film production and the story-telling opportunities that it presents.  We all have a story to tell and we are all rather extraordinary (even if we feel quite ordinary) - these days there is no excuse for not recording all our stories and Janine is a woman on a bit of a mission.


David Chandler

David has a long association with local media, having penned articles for the Lancaster Guardian & Morecambe Visitor and presented on community radio. He has a passion for people stories, social history, street furniture and railways (among other things.)
David runs the Postbox Collection project - attempting to photograph every box in the UK. He also masterminded 'The Lancashire Challenge' and visited every railway station in the county in under 24 hours. And his 'Green Ayre Rises' project in 2016 won great acclaim for bringing Lancaster's lost railway back to life.


Philip Black

Phil Black

Once the chief photographer onboard M.V. Artemis, Phillip jumped ship in 2008 to set down roots in North Lancashire. He is currently a student of Astronomy & Planetary Sciences, fish frier and father of two. He tries to bring a flamboyant theatricality to his Lunetube presentations, drawing heavily upon a Btech in Drama which he nearly completed in 2002.

Peter Wade is a LuneTube contributor

Peter Wade

A well known local historian specialising in the heritage of Morecambe and Lancaster; Peter is a "sand grown 'un".  He leads popular walking tours in the district and is the author of a number of booklets on local history. He often delivers talks to local groups and societies.  He has also contributed to many media projects on local heritage, including numerous appearances on radio and television.  At LuneTube, we feel Peter brings a certain gravitas to the role of presenter and his scripts sparkle with the trademark wit and delight of arcane knowledge that he brings to all his work.

Graham Fagan

Graham has an encyclopedic knowledge of the local area and enjoys discovering new and interesting stories about the heritage of North Lancashire. He has lent his research skills to a number of video projects and events. Graham's great passion is heritage from WW2 and he is at his happiest when examining military remains on a bleak mountainside.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 17.08.18

Jemma Farran-Warren

Jemma enjoys being on both sides of the camera.  She has buckets of energy and determination which make her fun to have on set and a really engaging presenter.  Hailing from Morecambe Jemma has been to local places she never even knew existed on her LuneTube assignments.


Denise Nardone

Denise is an avid fan of the Regency Period.  She is an excellent seamstress and has been producing Georgian costumes for several years.  She has been to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath on several occasions (travelling there in costume and often by public transport which certainly has had people turning their heads).  She is on standby for making an appearance in our films about the early 1800's - and since Lancaster is so steeped in Georgian history, we may be calling on her quite often!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 17.05.31

Lewis Nolan

Lewis has hosted shows on local radio for over 5 years and likes nothing better than to highlight a good story or inspiring individual. Always willing to try something new; he is in his element when presented with a challenge. He also has a great love of darts, snooker and pies.

louis 1

And Finally... Louis Fagan

Louis is our clapper boy and our go-to child actor.  At just 21/2 years old, he's taking this whole acting career thing in his stride.  However, he does drive a hard bargain, demanding much chocolate and pocket money for his contribution... and who can blame him?!