On this page, you’ll find our boxset of LuneTube films.  Who knows? watch them and you might learn something new about the hyperlocal history of North Lancashire.

If you’ve got a story about North Lancashire; for example, if you have a marble bust of Shakespeare from a local old theatre in your hallway, or a piece of the West End Pier in your back yard, get in touch – who knows? The next LuneTube film could be right under your nose!

LuneTube releases a new film to our collection every week.  We’ve been producing and releasing films about the lesser-known, less popular stories of heritage in North Lancashire since September 2017. If at the end of watching a LuneTube film you say, “well, I didn’t know that!” then we’re happy!

If you want to be a real LuneTuber, subscribe to our website – you’ll get access to exclusive footage, bonus features not to mention huge kudos!