A Ticket To Ride
The Victorian period was a time of great innovation, not least in the burgeoning railway industry.
Thomas Edmondson
When Thomas Edmondson was born in Lancaster in 1792, there were no railways, but it wasn't long before the network began its spread across the country, reaching his home town in 1840.  By that time, Thomas had moved on to Manchester, where he was employed as a booking clerk with the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company.
Next stop for our wandering Lancastrian was the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, where he worked as a Station Master.  Thomas's posting at Milton (now known as Brampton) was not the busiest of stations and it afforded him plenty of time to think, which is exactly what he did.
Ideas Man
Edmondson came up with an idea, which like the railway itself, spread like wildfire. Not just in Britain, but across the globe.
For this LuneTube film, we go in search of Thomas's invention.
Have your tickets ready and hold on tight for a magical ride.
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