Wonder Roman

Wonder Roman

Hail LuneTubers!

Lancaster has a long and rich history. In the 21st Century, the city continues to grow and evolve, with new buildings springing up to replace the old!

But as our films have shown; there are still plenty of traces of the past, whether it be the Medieval, Georgian or Victorian periods.

Delve back further – say, to the 1st Century AD and the evidence becomes sparser. It’s often buried beneath our feet or displayed in a museum. But it’s there - you just have to do a bit of investigating.

What did the Romans ever do for Lancaster?

We started by asking, “what did the Romans ever do for Lancaster?”

To answer this question, we decided to call upon Our Phil. He has a (Roman) nose for this sort of thing and LuneTube is the perfect forum for his unique style. Having previously crossed the Lune on rollerblades (in Bridge Over The River Lune) we thought crossing the Rubicon would be a cinch.  We did warn him that if the video gets any thumbs-down ratings, he will be thrown to the lions.

Time for Janine to seize her camera and head back to Roman Lancaster!



5 thoughts on “Wonder Roman

  1. Thanks you pleased you are back Have moved to Spain but it is a treat to see your films and to be in touch with the area

  2. Wow !! What a great film ! Very interesting , and yet again I’ve gained some new knowledge !
    Well done to all involved – and so glad you’re back !

  3. Wonderful history of Lancaster, birth place of my mother and family….I love Lancaster..

  4. So pleased you are back. I’ve missed you. I love to settle down with a cup of tea and learn and be amused. Great fun and very interesting. Well done everyone

  5. I really enjoy watching all your films. They are very interesting and fun! Also have learnt so much that I didn’t know about my home town of Morecambe &of course Lancaster.

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