LuneChat The Third

Exclusively for LuneTubers, we bring you the third in our series of LuneChats.

Our Janine and Our David bring you an update of LuneTube's plans for future releases and reflect on some of their films of the past.

In particular, they focus on the film which was released last month about the Quernmore window.  If you haven't caught up with it yet, feast your eyes on the link below.  It really is an amazing story!  Where do we find them?  Watch LuneChat The Third to find out more!

If you have any other suggestions for films in LuneTube's second season, send them along!

Check out all of the films from Series One on our Films Page.

3 thoughts on “LuneChat The Third

  1. Oh my goodness you have magically come back. Thought you were lost forever…welcome!
    My question is “what happened to the “cotton shopping bag” idea?

    I haven’t done anything spectacular to warrant a badge but if I had a LuneTube bag I could deliver leaflets to advertise you.

    From a faithful fan.

  2. Margaret Johnson

    Look forward to next film and finding out about window at France good luck!!

  3. Slightly eccentric!!! Dont change 😂

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