Evidence of stained glass in British churches can be traced back to the 7th Century.  By the Medieval period the practice was commonplace and we can only imagine the wonder with which worshipers gazed upon these colourful creations.

A revival in the 19th Century saw a resurgence in stained glass window production, with many examples being installed in churches across the country. North Lancashire was no exception and Lancaster boasted its own producers of stained glass, Shrigley & Hunt.  With premises on Castle Hill, they made windows for a number of local churches, including St. Peter's in the village of Quernmore.
But it's not a Shrigley & Hunt window which is the focus of LuneTube's attentions for this film...


St Peter's in Quernmore features a number of attractive stained glass windows which are worthy of closer inspection.  The glass covers a range of designs and each window tells a different story.  But one in particular; the east window, is at the centre of an international mystery.
Every so often, a story comes to the attention of LuneTube that is so incredible, even we struggle to believe it. This was one such story and naturally, we had to go and investigate for ourselves!


Once you've watched our film, you will be fully appraised of the case of the missing window!  Maybe you know something of its whereabouts? If you can help, then please get in touch.  There is a number of researchers around the world who are on its trail - maybe you will be the one to find it!


  1. These never fail to be entertaining informative and enjoyable. Another brilliant episode. Well done.

  2. that is soo cool! it is the “Fairy Vision ” Window then..yes? I would contact the corning glass museum and send the eord out through them to seek the possible location of the other window.
    I also wishto know more about Mr. Garnet.

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