There's more to Carnforth than Brief Encounter.

Around the town, there are clues to its past, if you know where to look.Well connected by rail, road and canal, Carnforth is also surrounded by natural outcrops of limestone. And limestone is a vital component in the smelting process used to produce iron. So it's no surprise that in the 1860s, Carnforth became home to a large iron works.

Industrial sites come and go and today little remains of the Iron Works buildings. But any industrial process has its by-products and these are not so easily disposed of.  You may be surprised when you see what they did with their industrial waste in the Victorian period; but it  was like another world back then.

When LuneTube decided to investigate the history of Carnforth, we needed an intrepid explorer to take on the mission.  Who better than local historian Peter Wade?  Peter has previously presented "Poulton - A Place of Pebbles" and "Poulton - Lost & Found" so this film sees him boldy go into new territory. We hope it will launch him on many more LuneTube adventures.

Join us as we explore the fascinating industrial history of Carnforth. We'll meet you under the station clock...


Do you have a piece of ironwork made in Carnforth?  LuneTube is on a mission to find anything made at the Carnforth Iron Works and which bears its name. It can be large or small, we don't mind.  Please send us a photograph and details of your item(s). Get in touch.

2 thoughts on “SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES

  1. Yet another fantastic film !! This ones nearer to my roots so of particular interest !
    Well done everyone involved – and thankyou !

  2. Loved it. Didn’t know about the slag at Warton – next time I visit I will look out for it

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