Curtain Up!

Drum Roll Please!

This week has been rather a special week for LuneTube:  This is the week that we have passed the 50,000 views milestone!  Yes, our films have been watched over 50,000 times since we started our weekly release last September.  So we thought we'd take a bow, and where better a place to go, what better a film to show than the first of our Grand Theatre films?

Lancaster's Grand Theatre is the third oldest working theatres in Britain and has been used nearly continuously since 1782.  Prior to its construction, theatrical performances would have been held in barns and inns in Lancaster.

If you've grown up in Lancaster, then you have probably treaded those boards at some time or another - whether it be at a dance school show, in a pantomime or performing with the local amateur dramatic societies. If you have, then this film will remind you of an aspect of the theatre which is all-too familiar and which will bring back some happy memories: However, if you've never crossed the footlights from the auditorium, allow LuneTube to introduce you to a different point of view!

Have you got memories of your debut performance at The Grand?  Get in touch - we'd love to hear your stories!

2 thoughts on “Curtain Up!

  1. Margaret Johnson

    Aw lots of happy memories performing on stage with lados !!

  2. I played the parrot/cockatoo seller in Overton’s ‘Allo Allo’ and had to bring on the parrot cage which was really a radio transmitter……the crucial part of the story. Hiding behind an almost closed door, I struggled to hear my cue, then came out without the cage. Fortunately, no one cared.

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