Workers’ Playtime


For Britain, 1956 was an eventful year. With the Suez Crisis dominating headlines around the world and Prime Minister Anthony Eden clinging to power at home, it was a turbulent time .  Manchester United won the Football League 1st Division and Manchester City the FA Cup.  Granada Television started and the AEC Routemaster bus made its debut on the streets of London.

And in October, Mayor Cllr WH Brooksbank opened the Trimpell Sports & Social Club on Out Moss Lane, Morecambe.

Janine films the 'how the Trimpell got its name' sequence


The "Trimpell" refinery was established in 1938 in Middleton, near Heysham.  The wartime work of this plant was the subject of the LuneTube film, "Fuel For The Fuel".

After the war, there was opposition from within the local Council to the refinery remaining. As Cllr Brooksbank remarked when he opened the club, he was one of those who supported the continuation of the works, when others wished to see it close.


As a major employer in the area, the Trimpell works had an active social scene, with regular sports and social events. These took place at a variety of local venues, before the business decided to establish a purpose-built club as a gift to its staff.


Today, the name Trimpell is still widely known locally, but many are unaware of its history and the origin of the unusual name. The club continues to operate and from the exterior, the building looks remarkably unchanged. Many of the activities that workers enjoyed in 1956 continue to this day.

LuneTube heads to Out Moss Lane to investigate the history and capture The Trimpell Club for posterity.

Do you have memories of The Trimpell Club?  Maybe you or a relative worked at the refinery?  Or did you play sport at the club, or enjoy Christmas parties there?  We'd love to hear your memories and see your photos of the history of the Trimpell. Get in touch 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Workers’ Playtime

  1. Yet again a fantastic informative film !! Very professional production – and this ones very close to home ! Well done again !

  2. Getting better and better. Music was fab

  3. Well I never! Always thought it was an odd name and now we know. Never ending education. Thank you xx

  4. We went there for Christmas parties as children in the 80’s when it was the social club for the CEGB

  5. David has become an all round sportsman! Good film and interesting link to the Middleton Lunetube film.

  6. The Lunetube team keeps on producing miniature classics. Trimpell is a familair name to all who grew up in this area but I never questioned its meaning. Thanks!

  7. Very well presented. My Grandad worked there
    Electricity North West Still has a 132kv circuit going out of Heysham named Trimpell

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