For Lune The Bell Tolls


If you've driven along the A683 between Lancaster and Hornby, you will have passed through the village of Claughton. It doesn't take long, as it's rather small. You might have noticed a pub, a cluster of houses and some industrial buildings. You've probably seen the famous brick works ropeway, which crosses over the road. But have you ever noticed the church?


St. Chad's in Claughton is easy to miss. It's a tiny church and set back from the main road. It's also note-worthy as it has been closed to parishioners for nearly two decades. It may escape the attention of those who drive through Claughton, but it has earned a place in the history books...

Janine filming the Claughton bellcote for 'For Lune The Bell Tolls'



In 1936, writer Arthur Mee started publication of a series of books called 'The King's England'. Each volume covered a different county and described historical and topographical features of note in the towns and villages at that time. The books were enormously popular and were referred to as a modern version of the Domesday Book, so exhaustive was their content.

Janine and David filming the bell ringers at Hornby Church


In our LuneTube film 'Doubly Thankful' we made reference to 'The King's England', as it was Arthur Mee who coined the term 'Thankful Villages', the subject of that film. This mention resonated with one of our viewers; who had recently inherited a full set of 'The King's England' volumes from his late father. He kindly sent us the Lancashire volume, which is packed with interesting stories and ideal subjects for LuneTube films; including one about Claughton. We heard the calling and it wasn't long before we packed the LuneTube wagon and headed up the Lune Valley.

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  1. Another very interesting film !! Very professional filming and presenting – well done !

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