Bob: Man of Ideas

Man of Ideas!

Bob Chaplin cannot stop inventing things - in fact he's been inventing since he was a lad.  He moved to Lancaster with his family in the 1970's and worked at Lancaster University in the Engineering Department.  His main area of research was wave energy - an area which he finds himself developing in his head even in his retirement.

Lune People

On a beautiful October morning last year, the LuneTube team went and filmed Bob take his maiden voyage in one of his latest inventions - a collapsable kayak - in the pool at Bare, along Morecambe Prom.  His idea was to construct a kayak with a collapsable frame which fits in a bag so you can take it with you on adventures.  It's taken him a while to design and construct and so this test-drive was indeed a momentous occasion.

The day was warm for October and the view across the Bay was so clear - one of those days that leaves you feeling that you could reach out and touch those Lakeland Fells.  LuneTube joined Bob to record the event for posterity in the hope that he could use the footage to review and develop his design. When we saw the footage though, we felt that it deserved a bit more coverage, so we went back and asked Bob if he would tell his story about the collapsable kayak to share with LuneTubers across the world.

We think his story is charming and we've enjoyed profiling Bob in our collection of films about 'Lune People' - he is certainly a man who contributes something very interesting to the rich pattern of life in North Lancashire.

Thanks Bob!

4 thoughts on “Bob: Man of Ideas

  1. Antony Winterburn

    Great Film, we need more ‘Bob’s’ !

  2. Aw thays amazing bob!!

  3. Very clever !! Please could he invent me someone / something to do my housework ??
    Charming story , and beautiful scenery !
    Well done everyone !

  4. Well done Ca’pn Bob!

    Nice film too.

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