Special Delivery

LuneKids deliver history lesson

Postboxes are a common sight all over the UK. In every city, town or village, you will find the familiar red boxes belonging to Royal Mail.

But have you ever noticed there are different types?  Around 800, according to the experts.  The first box was introduced in 1852 and the designs have changed over the years.  The cipher of the reigning monarch is usually on the front of each box, which helps to date them.

When LuneTube heard there was a rare example on the streets of Lancaster, it needed investigation.

Time to call in the LuneKids!

Introducing LuneKids

Children from Scotforth St. Paul's CE Primary School joined the LuneTube team to look at a rare example of postal heritage.  Most of them had never used a postbox before, let alone noticed the one close to their school.  The LuneKids threw themselves into the assignment with gusto and now take a keen interest in all postboxes.

But the LuneKids have not just learnt about local heritage. The production also gave them opportunity to flex their film-making muscles.  Presenting, creative writing, problem solving, directing, acting, team work - the LuneKids have put a lot into this film.

We think you'll agree that our LuneKids have delivered a first class film.

It's a YES! from Miss

Ruth Atkinson, Deputy Headteacher at Scotforth St. Paul’s said, “Being part of the LuneTube film has brought local history alive for our children. They loved finding out facts about something on their doorstep they had never noticed before.”

“The children have now started ‘postbox spotting’ and take great delight in telling me which monarchs' names they have seen!”

Get Spotting!

Do you have a rare postbox near you? See which variations you can find.  The Letter Box Study Group website has a guide to the different types: http://lbsg.org/

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lunetube postbox film with Scotforth

8 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Lancaster is really special to have such a rare post box. However, after making such an interesting film, there will be lots of Lune kids on the search for more.
    Great fun.

  2. Another great film !! Fantastic to get local children involved , but who was that strange man measuring the letterbox ?? Lol
    Well done everyone !

  3. Oh memories of Scotforth, St. Paul’s C of E! Not at school there but went for Confirmation classes, 1972?, led by Mr. G Phythion = we ALL sat on tiny chairs, he was Headteacher at Ripley!
    Great to see your latest video and trust pupils enjoyed making with some history added. A few years ago, on a local Past and Present site, saw a video David Chandler made and became aware of nostalgic post boxes … Scotforth extra special and never realised!
    Silverdale = Grandma born in 1900 and love to imagine her posting letters in the village with various boxes from VC onwards!
    Hope St. Paul’s Scotforth pupils now have added enjoyment and imagine their family posting many years ago X

  4. Brilliant kids well done!

  5. Having recently subscribed to your series of short films about Lancaster life and history, I am particularly delighted with “Special Delivery”, reprising an earlier item on local post boxes. I was a pupil at Scotforth C of E Primary School between 1948 – 1952 and can remember the locations where your filming was done, I left Lancaster in the 1960’s.
    Marvellous to see those children getting actively involved with recording their local history, a subject we mostly took for granted all those years ago.
    Your lighthearted takes add fun to the history of Lancaster, keep it up!

  6. How wonderful to see my old school featured so well . In my early years I lived in Greaves and went to St Paul’s Scotforth Primary as well as being a choir boy at St Paul’s Church. I have been back since as for a few years my band, Puppets & Praises, performed our “Loud Nativity Show” at the school. It was good to see bits of Scotforth I haven’t seen for yonks and particularly good to see the children doing so well – and good to see that fine old postbox too. Nice one Lune Tube!

  7. There is a Victorian post box in Haverbreaks in the wall, top of Bretargh Hill. Great seeing Scotforth School again. My sons attended in 1970s. The head was Mr Bullivant.

  8. Future members for LADOS, MAODS, Morecambe Warblers AOS or Lancaster Red Rose ADS ? Job well done!

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