Road Trip

LuneTube Hits the Road

It's time to pack up the LuneTubemobile and head for the country.
We're off to Silverdale, just outside Carnforth.  To be more specific, Trowbarrow Quarry, the location of our film 'An Explosive Tale'.  If you haven't watched that one, we recommend you take a look; it's rather good.
But this small quarry has another story to tell. It's hard to believe, but this quiet corner of North Lancashire gave rise to something which is now ubiquitous across the globe. So naturally, we had to return to Trowbarrow to tell this story too.
If you've never visited Trowbarrow yourself, it really is a lovely spot. Close to the Leighton Moss RSPB nature reserve and Leighton Hall, it's an area packed with interest and the perfect place for a day out.

A Silverdale Adventure

Silverdale railway station is close by; on the line which used to provide a link from the quarry to the outside world.
After you've watched our film, we hope it will inspire you to head out and explore yourself.
Do send us a photo of your own adventure!

6 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Well I never!!
    Anne x

  2. Road Trip……Awesome video, l had no idea the area was in the forefront of tarmac; its peaked my interest to do further research on the subject.
    Many thanks
    John Morgan

    • Post Author The LuneTube Team

      Thanks for letting us know, John. That’s just what we hope our LuneTube films will encourage viewers to do. Our work here is done (this week) 🙂

  3. Another fantastic film !!! Think I am learning more from the Lune Tube films than I ever did at school !!

  4. More interesting facts well done !!

  5. Antony Winterburn

    Driving will never be the same !

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