From hidden bulb the flower reared up
Its angled, slender, cold, dark stem
Whence dangled an inverted cup
For tri-leaved diadem
        (From 'The Snowdrop' by Walter de la Mare, 1929)

Springtime for LuneTube

There are few clearer signals that spring is on the way than the sight of Galanthus (that's snowdrops, to us) bursting forth.  As one of the first spring bulbs to produce flowers; they warm the heart of anyone taking to the outdoors during the cold months at the start of the year.
Although we all have an image in our mind's eye of the 'classic' snowdrop; with its teardrop flower, hanging like a pearl earring - there are actually many varieties. Around 500 in fact.
And Hornby Castle in the Lune Valley is an excellent place to see snowdrops in all their glory.  Each February, the owners of the Castle (a private residence) open the gardens and invite visitors to enjoy the beautiful grounds and 'drifts' of Galanthus.
The LuneTube team was lucky to be granted special access ahead of this year's Snowdrop Weekend and we've captured a flavour of the beautiful grounds for you to enjoy again and again.  It's another of our 'LuneMood' pieces.
Our thanks to Hornby Castle for their kind hospitality. To make sure you don't miss future open days, visit
If you have a beautiful garden, or collection of plants, get in touch and maybe we could produce a 'LuneMood' there too?

6 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. Aw lovely snowdrops! They have come up in my garden spring is on its way

  2. This is my favourite LuneTube film!
    So relaxing yet uplifting 🙂
    Loved the music too.

  3. Love it. Is the Castle open this weekend ( starting 24/02/18?

    • Post Author The LuneTube Team

      Glad you enjoyed the film Keith. Hornby Castle’s Snowdrop Weekend was last weekend. The Castle is only open to the public a few weekends a year.

  4. A delightful film. Snowdrops gladden the heart…a herald of spring. Thankyou.

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