Link to the Past

LuneTube Presents a Link to the Past

This week, the LuneTube time machine takes us back to Georgian Lancaster; a period when walking the streets after sunset could be full of danger!
As a busy trading port, Lancaster had its fair share of wealthy inhabitants; but the streets were also traversed by sailors, cut-throats and ne'er-do-wells. Imagine what it must have been like for a lady of refinement, abroad in the city after dark?

A growing cast

For this LuneTube film, we engaged actors to bring the history to life.  We welcome Our Denise, who plays the 'Georgian Lady'.  Denise is a great aficionado of Georgian history and a talented seamstress.  She produces her own costumes, which she wears when attending Georgian festivals around the country.  To complement the Georgian look, we needed some appropriate dialogue - so who better to turn to for inspiration than Jane Austen herself? 

A Little Light Entertainment 

Our second performer, in the key role of 'Link Boy', is young Louis Fagan. When we say young, we mean young.  Louis is two and a half, but was utterly professional on set and took to his role with gusto, as you will see. Louis is now our go-to actor for juvenile roles - he is hoping to progress to three year old parts soon.
LuneTube is delighted to shed light on this period of Lancaster's history.

Tell us your Georgian Stories 

Do you live or work in a Georgian building with interesting features? We'd love to hear from you.  Or maybe you have accurate historical attire and love to dress in period costume?  We could feature you in one of our films! Get in touch and lets make history.

5 thoughts on “Link to the Past

  1. Brilliant seeing Denise in her wonderful costume!

  2. Good to see Denise in the film in costume and the wee boy! Made it more realistic

  3. utterly fab. more please!

  4. I’m really enjoying Lune Tube.
    Love the link boy.

  5. Loved it! didn’t know Denise could speak so posh obviously needs to be on the stage.

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