Who Are These People?

It's in the LuneTube Bag!

Welcome to Episode 1 of our LuneChat series.  Good news! as a LuneTube subscriber, you have priority viewing.

This week, team members Our Janine and Our David introduce themselves and discuss the process of producing a LuneTube film.  This week, they focus in particular on the production of Baths Time - a film about the Winter Gardens in Morecambe which they released in November last year.  If you missed it, we've added it to the page so you can catch up and see what you've been missing 🙂  I've just watched it again - it's a good'un - makes me want to go to the seaside 🙂

3 thoughts on “Who Are These People?

  1. Love the LuneTube Chat. It’s a great addition to the collection. I’m looking forward to more of them.

  2. Thanks for the Lune Tube Chat…it’s great. What I WANT is a LT Bag, but with handles, not a draw string, although you need that for your “pick out of the bag” items.
    LT is so informative and amusing at the same time. You both make a brilliant team, together with all your helpers of course.
    I particularly liked the recent Fenton-Cawthorne week and I went to see the lovely gates now gracing the Tasting Gardens.
    I am learning so much about Lancaster and visit the sights you mention.

  3. Lunetube chat was good . I like history too and love when you have a new film to watch . Been great so far!!

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