The Bridge On The River Lune


There are many rivers to cross...  

...Well, in this case, just the River Lune in Lancaster.

 Ask Lancastrians of a certain vintage and they will recall a time when Skerton Bridge was the main route for vehicles to cross the river in and out of the city. Yes, there were other bridges (the Carlisle Bridge and Greyhound Bridge), but they were built to accommodate a different form of transport.

The Greyhound Bridge

But in the late 1960s, Lancaster gained a new road crossing, when the Greyhound Bridge was adapted for motor traffic. It has remained in use until this day.

Lancashire County Council

In 2017, Lancashire County Council began much needed structural repair work to the Greyhound Bridge and vehicles were once again crossing the river in both directions on Skerton Bridge.  For some, it is a frustrating inconvenience, for others, a reminder of simpler times.
History has come full circle.  Rather like Lancaster's one-way system.

What do you know?

Do you know how the Greyhound Bridge got its name?  There is a theory that it's named after the field at the back of St George's Quay where they used to race greyhounds.  However, we cannot find any evidence to back up that idea.  Other theories are that it was named somewhat ironically after the Greyhound Lines whose Greyhound buses served thousands of transport routes across the USA.  Here's another question for you to ponder - how did the Greyhound Pub in Halton get its name?  
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4 thoughts on “The Bridge On The River Lune

  1. Another little gem from Lunetube! I grew up in Halton but never knew about the history of the bridge. The toll board at the Halton bridge listed prices for people, cattle, sheep and pigs but the tolls were never collected in my time (1950s and 60s).

  2. Andrea Palmer(nee Mason)

    Yes they were Roger,but only once a year,on New Year’s Day I think,& I remember old Mr Jones collecting them!

  3. There was a very good article I read last year that indicated that the Greyhound pub in Halton was so named because the bridge just by it was rebuilt using pieces of the original Greyhound Bridge in Lancaster

    • Post Author The LuneTube Team

      Yes! Once you know that the bridge at Halton is made from reclaimed pieces of the Greyhound Bridge, it all falls into place doesn’t it? 🙂

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