Piping What?

LuneTube film about unidentified street furniture in Bare Morecambe

 For years, residents of the Morecambe suburb of Bare have been puzzled by strange objects in their midst.


These items of street furniture have been the subject of conjecture and debate; with many coming up with their own theories as to what they are. Could they be old street lamps? The remains of a tram system? Or did they once carry flags?
Stink pipes in Bare from a film by LuneTube

Look closer...

There is a number of the cast-iron columns on the streets of Bare and in other districts of the town.  If you look at them closely, you start to notice variations in design. Some carry a maker's name and look quite old - others appear to be more recent.  But what are they?
At LuneTube we do love a good mystery, so we thought we'd better investigate.  We just hope we don't kick up a stink...
Do you have a mysterious piece of street furniture at the end of your street?  Let us know by emailing us or leave a comment below.  Who knows?  Your street furniture could be another LuneTube film in the pipeline.

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