TRAMALOT: A Film About Heritage Trams

A LuneTube film about heritage trams in North Lancashire

Following our visit to the abandoned tram at Sunderland Point  we were left with some questions. 

We wondered whether the Bradford tram which had sat in a farmer’s field for so many years was a particularly rare example?  We also wondered whether it could be saved and restored (if someone was that way inclined)?

We knew just the people to ask…

A LuneTube Day Out to Blackpool

Blackpool has the oldest first generation public tram system in the world.  It dates back to 1885.  Along with the Tower, the Golden Mile and the illuminations, the iconic Blackpool trams are known the world over.

The system was upgraded in 2012 and now boasts a fleet of modern trams, which take passengers along the Fylde coast, between Fleetwood in the north and Starr Gate on Blackpool’s South Shore.  Blackpool Transport operates the network, which carries over 5 million passengers a year.

But the vintage trams still have their place.

Heritage Tram Tours are operated by Blackpool Transport Services and they maintain a working fleet of vintage trams at Rigby Road Depot – the original home of the Blackpool tram service (a modern depot was built at Starr Gate in 2012, which is where the new fleet is housed.)

The heritage tram collection at Rigby Road includes examples dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. There are many types from across the decades which are unique to Blackpool and evoke fond memories of happy holidays for those who have visited the resort over the years. The collection also includes the famous illuminated trams, which are festooned with coloured bulbs and take visitors on tours of the illuminations.

In 2014 The Blackpool Heritage Trust was set-up “…to promote the retention, preservation and continued operation of Blackpool’s unique collection of heritage tramcars.”  This not-for-profit organisation aims to ensure the long-term future of the heritage trams and the Rigby Road Depot – which they plan to turn into a visitor attraction.

We were invited by Bryan Lindop, Head of Heritage, to pay a visit to the Rigby Road Depot. Although geographically it’s a little outside the usual LuneTube ‘catchment area’, we couldn’t really say no, could we?

Come with us as we explore this unique location…

For more information on the Blackpool Heritage Trust, visit

Got any tram stories?  Leave them in the comments box below.  Who knows?  Your story could be the next LuneTube film!

This is a film about a vintage tram in a farmers' field at Sunderland Point in North Lancashire

watch our film of the Sunderland Point tram here.

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