The Long and Winding Road...

Cities are constantly evolving. It’s the nature of a metropolis that things don’t stand still for long.

Sometimes, building work creates new streets and the map of the city has to be altered, to keep up with the changing landscape.

The Riverside View residential development in Lancaster is a recent example. Map makers and taxi drivers now have to account for Cotton Square and Africa Drive. Indeed, Google Maps have yet to record the new additions, at the time of writing.


Less often, a street vanishes altogether. If you study the 1890 Ordnance Survey map of Lancaster you will find Ripley Street in Greaves. But you won’t find it if you visit the area now. It was demolished to make room for the creation of the Pointer roundabout.

Lost Streets

Across Lancaster we find another ‘lost’ street, but this is one you can still walk along today.

Just don’t expect to find it on the map...

Do you have a story about a lost street or building? Or maybe you have a momento? An old pub sign in your lounge, or a street sign on your shed? We’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a line.

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